Bangladesh: Fire rips through COVID treatment centre for Myanmar refugees  

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A devastating occurrence has ripped done a COVID-19 treatment centre for Myanmar refugees sheltering successful Bangladesh, UN migration bureau (IOM) said connected Tuesday.  

In a tweet, IOM said that no-one was wounded astatine the wellness facility, portion of the immense Cox’s Bazar campy complex, aft the blaze began abruptly connected Sunday evening.  

Parts of the infirmary were severely damaged, but wellness services are expected to “resume soon”, the bureau said.  


Field teams person been moving astir the timepiece to prevention the infirmary and reconstruct immoderate normality to campy life. They are besides assessing the harm and assistance those successful need. 

Pictures posted connected societal media amusement charred metallic furniture frames and workers clearing distant piles of ash astatine the isolation and attraction centre for radical with terrible acute respiratory infections.  

Earlier, IOM teams, Disaster Management Unit volunteers, and Government of Bangladesh effect services, rushed to the infirmary and worked hard to enactment retired the occurrence and assistance those successful need. 

The IOM teams are besides moving to rise consciousness amongst refugees astir what to bash successful the lawsuit of abrupt occurrence successful the camps. 


The campy hosts galore of the million Rohingya refugees that have fled unit successful Myanmar in successive waves of displacement since the aboriginal 1990s. 

At the highest of the latest crisis, successful 2017, thousands were crossing into Bangladesh daily.  

Since then, the Kutupalong refugee colony has grown to go the largest of its benignant successful the world, with much than 600,000 radical surviving successful an country of conscionable 13 square kilometers, stretching infrastructure and services to their limits. 

The 2021 Joint Response Plan (JRP) for the Rohingya Humanitarian Crisis targets astir 1.4 cardinal people in need. 

The $943 cardinal program seeks to conscionable the needs of 884,000 Rohingya refugees and 472,000 Bangladeshis successful the big communities of Cox’s Bazar. 


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