CES 2022: Acer's latest green laptop gives more back to the environment, but not for US customers

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Each acquisition of an Aspire Vero National Geographic Edition puts currency successful the coffers of the nonprofit, but it's lone going to beryllium disposable successful a prime fewer countries.


Image: Acer

Taiwanese tech elephantine Acer kicked disconnected CES 2022 with the announcement of a caller summation to its Acer Aspire Vero enactment of eco-friendly laptops. Called the Acer Aspire Vero National Geographic Edition, this specially designed Vero gives wealth backmost to Nat Geo with each purchase—a large inducement to spell greenish with your adjacent laptop purchase. 

The Acer Vero enactment of laptops, launched past year, are made with a chassis and surface bezel that utilizes 30% post-consumer recycled plastic, and a keyboard made up of 50% PCR. According to Acer, the PCR integrative successful the chassis unsocial reduces the c emanation for producing that portion unsocial by 21%. 

"Acer has been taking steps implicit the past respective years to trim its ecological footprint. The Vero merchandise lineup … represents the latest of these efforts," said Acer's GM for notebooks and IT products James Lin. 

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Like the erstwhile models of the Vero, the Nat Geo variation uses PCR plastics successful the aforesaid ratio. Its large quality comes successful immoderate Nat Geo branding and plan additions, similar the Nat Geo yellowish borderline successful the country of the keyboard, an embossed topographical representation connected the lid and the inclusion of yellowish pigmented plastics to springiness the laptop a spot of National Geographic flare without the request for paints, which Acer said it eliminated successful the Vero enactment to further trim emissions. 

In presumption of the existent hardware, there's thing successful the National Geographic Edition of the Vero that makes it an upgrade implicit the versions released successful precocious 2021. It inactive has the aforesaid 11th Gen Intel Core processor, Intel Iris Xe graphics, Wi-Fi 6, Windows 11, 1 USB-C and 2 USB-A ports. 

In summation to its greenish components and hardware capabilities, the Vero is besides designed to beryllium easy upgraded, with six modular Phillips screws keeping its bottommost sheet attached. Once removed, Acer says accessing the RAM and SSD are simple, allowing for enlargement of its capabilities to support it moving longer.

So, wherefore bargain the Nat Geo variation implicit the regular Vero? Because you're giving wealth to National Geographic, which successful crook spends that wealth connected programs that support wildlife and assistance sphere the earthy world. 

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If you privation to bash that, however, you'll request to beryllium successful 1 of conscionable a fistful of countries wherever the Vero Nat Geo variation volition beryllium available, namely France, wherever it volition spell connected merchantability successful March for €899, and China, wherever it volition beryllium disposable sometime this period for ¥5,499. Acer said it besides plans to merchandise the Aspire Vero Nat Geo variation successful "multiple countries crossed the Asia Pacific," but didn't accidental which ones. 

If you inactive privation an Acer Vero for yourself, oregon a fleet of eco-friendly Veros designed for business, you tin inactive find them successful the U.S. and elsewhere, but it won't travel with the redesigned lawsuit and you'll person to make a contribution to National Geographic connected your own. Consider it the "non-automated" mentation of the process. 

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