CES 2022: LG shows off screen technology that puts displays practically anywhere

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Improved OLED tech, astute windows, immersive acquisition and folding laptop screens are conscionable immoderate of the tech that LG Display is showing disconnected astatine its CES 2022 booth and presentations.


LG's caller OLED Smart Window, arsenic demonstrated astatine CES 2022.

Image: LG

Korean tech elephantine LG has travel to CES 2022 with a clump of caller types of show exertion that it said volition marque transparent and/or flexible OLED displays much applicable and imaginable than ever before.

Before diving into the particulars, it'll assistance to person an knowing of what OLEDs are, namely LEDs that are capable to nutrient their ain light. Because OLEDs don't request a backlight, caller usage cases, similar transparent, flexible oregon ultra-thin display, person emerged, and OLED.EX is the exertion that LG seems to beryllium betting connected to marque its caller products basal out. 

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OLED.EX tin reportedly boost brightness by 30% by utilizing " LG Display's deuterium and personalized algorithm-based 'EX Technology'," the institution said erstwhile it revealed OLED.EX successful precocious 2021. It hasn't been circumstantial arsenic to what deuterium and algorithms bash to brighten arsenic good arsenic "enhance the stableness and ratio of the integrated airy emitting diode," but if LG is to beryllium believed, a 30% boost successful the brightness of transparent screens would beryllium beauteous valuable. 

It's decidedly betting hard connected OLED.EX: LG plans to merchandise each of its aboriginal OLED TVs from the 2nd 4th of 2022 onward with OLED.EX screens, and volition signifier retired regular OLED from its televisions. 

What CES visitors tin spot astatine LG Display's booth

Along with showing disconnected its caller OLED.EX technology, LG Display's booth volition besides person respective caller implementations of its transparent OLED exertion successful action, which whitethorn propulsion businesses to further put if they person yet to spot a bully usage lawsuit for their organization.

The astir practically invaluable to enterprises volition beryllium what LG is calling its Smart Window, which it said is designed to beryllium overlaid onto a league country model oregon different transparent aboveground (displayed above). 

LG volition besides beryllium demonstrating its Show Window technology, which has been accrued from a azygous OLED show to 4 55-inch transparent OLED displays, "maximizing the advertizing imaginable of model displays," LG said. 

A Shopping Management Showcase (SMS), designed to acceptable wrong a woody show basal successful "luxurious section stores," the SMS "can show eye-catching ocular contented connected the surface that harmonizes with the products connected show down to amended drawback the attraction of shoppers and elevate the ambience of the place," LG said. 

Transparent OLEDs for subway windows volition besides beryllium connected display, showcasing their quality to "provide utile accusation regarding subway schedules, weather, and quality each the portion giving passengers a wide presumption of the extracurricular scenery." Hopefully that scenery includes thing other too subterranean tunnels. 

A brace of immersive displays are being shown disconnected arsenic well, 1 for placing a stationary motorcycle successful a virtual riding space, and different for reclining successful comfortableness portion surrounded by a curved OLED surface equipped with Cinematic Sound OLEDs that LG said emit dependable from the show itself.

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LG is besides demonstrating a 17-inch folding laptop surface that it said is "almost wholly crease-free." The surface tin beryllium optionally touch-sensitive, making it a caller imaginable method for expanding productivity portion distant from a larger show astatine your location office.

Lastly, LG is showing disconnected a caller LCD exertion it calls IPS Black that boasts a 35% deeper achromatic level than its different IPS products. LG describes IPS Black arsenic being designed for IT products, and volition beryllium rolling it retired successful a 27-inch UHD show connected show astatine CES 2022. 

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