Cruz Claims GOP Will Have “Multiple Grounds to Consider” Biden Impeachment If It Takes Back the House

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Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) claimed that the Republican Party volition person “multiple grounds to consider” impeaching President Joe Biden if the GOP takes backmost the House during the 2022 midterm elections.

“If we instrumentality the House, which I said is overwhelmingly likely, past I deliberation we volition spot superior investigations of the Biden administration,” helium said connected the latest occurrence of his podcast, “Verdict with Ted Cruz.” “I bash deliberation there’s a accidental of that. “

Cruz besides accused Democrats of “weaponizing impeachment,” referring to the determination by Democrats to clasp erstwhile President Donald Trump accountable for inciting an insurrection against Congress pursuing the January 6 onslaught connected the United States Capitol.

“They utilized it for partisan purposes to spell aft Trump due to the fact that they disagreed with him. One of the existent disadvantages of doing that is the much you weaponize it and crook it into a partisan cudgel, you know, what’s bully for the goose is bully for the gander,” Cruz said.

He insisted that the GOP would apt spell aft Biden for a “refusal to enforce the border,” a assertion that Republicans person repeatedly leveled astatine Biden during his clip successful bureau arsenic the United States has seen a grounds influx of migrants astatine its confederate border.

“Probably the astir compelling is the utter lawlessness of President Biden’s refusal to enforce the border. His determination to conscionable defy national migration laws and let 2 cardinal radical to travel present unimpeded successful nonstop contravention of his work nether Article Two of the Constitution to instrumentality attraction that the laws beryllium faithfully executed,” Cruz said.

“That is astir apt the strongest grounds close present for impeachment, but determination whitethorn beryllium others. Because the Democrats decided this is conscionable different instrumentality successful the partisan warfare chest, I deliberation determination is simply a existent hazard that this turnabout volition beryllium just play,” helium added.

Multiple Republicans person threatened to initiate impeachment proceedings against Biden should the enactment instrumentality backmost the House, astir notably Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), who filed articles of impeachment implicit the chaotic United States withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Both Cruz and Greene person antecedently backed erstwhile President Trump’s mendacious claims that the 2020 wide predetermination was stolen. Their comments are further grounds of the partisan bickering that has mostly defined legislature enactment amid ongoing efforts to undermine the severity of the January 6 insurrection and its wide consequences for the federation astatine large.

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