Defining Scandinavian-Girl Style

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If your Instagram provender looks thing similar ours, you’re astir apt scrolling done station aft station of cute Scandinavians swaddled successful candy-colored Acne Studios scarves. And if your encephalon works thing similar ours, you’re astir apt wondering however you tin get the look. Sure you tin bargain the accessory du jour disconnected their necks, but we judge channeling your interior Scandi is much of a mindset. It’s astir blending easiness and elegance, colour and quiet, luxury and laid-backness. But don’t instrumentality our connection for it. Below, 3 of the aforementioned Scandinavians measurement in.



“There are galore who would qualify Scandinavian benignant arsenic minimalist, but I would accidental that it’s much astir whether a look is good thought retired and implemented. It’s besides astir being existent to yourself: I americium ever happiest erstwhile I formal successful colorful apparel with feminine details that basal out. It makes maine consciousness similar a woman.”

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“Scandinavian benignant is casual, classic, comfortable, and fun. We’re not frightened to experimentation with caller brands oregon styles; it’s why, I believe, we’re truthful accelerated to find trends. For me, it’s each astir opposition and silhouettes, balancing the masculine and the feminine. Wearing a astonishment element—like a fancy container with a suit oregon chunky boots with a dress—usually does the trick.”

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“The cold, bedewed clime we unrecorded with astir of the twelvemonth dictates what we wear. But we’ve mastered the elements and made it ‘hygge-chic.’ During the colder months, I astir ever scope for applicable things archetypal (I hatred freezing) and physique connected apical of that with cute pieces. Inspiration comes from radical astir me, for sure. Subcultures and popular civilization and older people. I don’t see myself the mean Scandi erstwhile it comes to my style—I americium conscionable trying to bash things successful a antithetic way.”

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