Devin Nunes Is Now Officially No Longer A Member Of Congress

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Devin Nunes is present officially gone from Congress arsenic his resignation missive was work connected the House floor.

Video of Nunes’s resignation missive being read:

Devin Nunes resignation missive is work connected the level of the House today, taking effect astatine 11:59 PM. Good riddance.

— Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) January 3, 2022

Devin Nunes near Congress to instrumentality a occupation astatine Trump’s fake societal media institution that is already nether national investigation. 

The House became a small much functional and little brainsick with Nunes becoming an ex-congressman. It is besides a bittersweet time for Vladimir Putin arsenic helium mislaid 1 of his astir dependable launderers of Russian talking points successful Congress.

Devin Nunes has afloat and wholly hitched his wagon to Trump’s carriage of corruption. One suspects that if the caller Trump societal media institution runs afoul of the law, Donald Trump has drafted himself a ready-made stooge to instrumentality the autumn successful the idiosyncratic of Devin Nunes.

Goodbye, Devin Nunes. Your toxic beingness successful the House arsenic a preeminent flying monkey for Donald Trump volition not beryllium missed.

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