Fire in Philadelphia Rowhouse Was Fatal, Officials Say

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The Philadelphia Fire Department said it responded to a occurrence connected Wednesday greeting successful the Fairmount neighborhood, and spent astir an hr bringing it nether control.

Firefighters astatine  the country   of a occurrence  successful  a residential gathering  successful  the Fairmount vicinity  of Philadelphia connected  Wednesday.

Jan. 5, 2022, 9:41 a.m. ET

A occurrence that engulfed a location successful Philadelphia’s Fairmount vicinity was fatal, according to the city’s Fire Department.

The Philadelphia Fire Department said connected Twitter that it responded to “heavy fire” from the 2nd level of a rowhouse successful the city’s Fairmount vicinity astir 6:40 a.m. It took 50 minutes to get the occurrence nether control, the section said.

The Fire Department could not instantly beryllium reached for much detail. The Philadelphia Police Department declined to corroborate numbers for fatalities oregon injuries aboriginal Wednesday.

Police officers and firefighters were called to the 800 artifact of North 23rd Street astatine 6:38 a.m., said Officer Eric McLaurin, a spokesperson for the Police Department.

The occurrence overwhelmed a location that had been converted into 2 apartments, helium said.

“You conscionable commune for each involved,” Officer McLaurin said. “It’s a atrocious situation.”

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