Former ISIL prison transformed to bring joy and support to youth

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Once utilized arsenic a situation by the ISIL panic web successful Iraq, the UN intersexual and reproductive wellness bureau and partners person converted a erstwhile grim detention centre into a sunny abstraction for youth.

The UN Population Fund (UNFPA), Iraq Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Governorate of Anbar re-opened connected 25 December, the Ramadi Youth Safe Space –in what immoderate saw arsenic a timely Christmas gift.

Before ISIL confiscated it successful 2014, the gathering was a House of Youth nether the Ministry. During the warfare it underwent terrible damage.

Ceremonial opening

The reconversion and reopening of a abstraction that utilized to callback sorrow and symptom has been transformed into 1 of anticipation and strength.

Speaking astatine an lawsuit kicking disconnected a caller opening for the revamped building, Ali Farhan Al-Dulaimi, Governor of Anbar, thanked UNFPA for its continuous enactment and concern successful the governate’s young people. 

Rita Columbia, the UNFPA Representative successful Iraq, highlighted the value of empowering younker and engaging them successful assemblage life.

“I americium precise arrogant of the young volunteers who had a imagination and made it a reality”, she said.

“Thanks to their determination and the enactment they received from UNFPA, Canada, the Anbar Directorate of Youth and Sports, the Governor of Anbar, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, this centre became a welcoming and genuinely youth-friendly space”.

Among others, the opening ceremonial was attended by Salem Al-Zamanan, Kuwaiti Ambassador to Iraq; representatives of the Ministry of Youth and Sport; the Anbar Directorate of Youth and Sports; and representatives of civilian nine and young people.

A erstwhile  situation  utilized  by the Islamic States successful  Iraq and Levant (ISIL) has been transformed into a younker  harmless  space, Anbar Governate, Iraq.


A erstwhile situation utilized by the Islamic States successful Iraq and Levant (ISIL) has been transformed into a younker harmless space, Anbar Governate, Iraq.

Young radical enactment for youth

The Youth Safe Space serves arsenic a spot for girls and boys to person beingness and enactment skills, peacebuilding and edutainment activities.

Prior to the war, the gathering had served arsenic a peculiar spot for Anbar younker to physique friendships and larn caller skills successful music, arts, science. 

After the liberation of the territories, young radical determination decided to bring the gathering backmost to its archetypal intent and reclaim it arsenic a youth-friendly spot.

Young volunteers led the process and made decisions astir however to marque the spot much accessible for each younker successful the surrounding communities, including the astir vulnerable. 

In 2018, UNFPA archetypal helped the young radical to rehabilitate 2 rooms for peace-building activities. 

And arsenic the request for younker services grew among communities, UNFPA with enactment from Canada, the Anbar Governor and United Iraqi Medical Society for Relief and Development (UIMS) completed the rehabilitation of the Youth Safe Space.

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