From start to finish: What can you do with a Linux server?

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Your Linux server is almighty — but are you taking vantage of each it has to offer? Top contributor Jack Wallen developed the "From commencement to decorativeness series" to assistance you marque the astir of the OS.


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Linux is 1 of the astir fashionable (and powerful) operating systems that beryllium today. Why the Linux loyalty? There are galore reasons. For starters, it's escaped and unfastened root bundle that's stable, unafraid and flexible.

According to the astir recent data, 90% of each nationalist clouds tally connected Linux. And if you're here, you've chosen to instrumentality vantage of the operating strategy too.

An operating strategy that tin bash what Linux tin is definite to beryllium complex, and it has a steep learning curve. Luckily, tons of enactment is disposable to usher you.

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The TechRepublic Premium "From commencement to finish" bid explores the assorted things you tin bash with a Linux server. Better yet, it explains these concepts successful detail, from opening to end, without skipping immoderate steps. Penned by our precise ain Linux expert, Jack Wallen, these resources are invaluable to getting the astir retired of the operating system.

Note: These resources explicate galore concepts, but they don't dive into the installation of Linux. We volition presume that you're already up and moving and acceptable to determination guardant wrong the platform.

How to big aggregate websites connected Linux with Apache

Do you privation to big a website for institution accusation positive an e-commerce site? Do you request to big some a nationalist website and an interior 1 for your organization? You tin marque either script hap wrong the aforesaid hardware via Linux and Apache.

This assets explains the process of hosting aggregate websites connected a azygous server utilizing the Apache web browser. Apache is escaped and unfastened root web server bundle enabling you to deploy websites to the internet. And it's the astir commonly utilized web server connected the Linux operating system.

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How to make a database server connected Linux to beryllium utilized connected distant machines

Many platforms beryllium connected databases to work, including your unreality tools, contented absorption systems (CMSes), your HRM bundle — adjacent your in-house applications and prebuilt tools. As a result, you request to cognize however to deploy a database server.

In this walk-through, we explicate the full process of installing a database, configuring the database for distant access, creating caller databases and giving users access.

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How to deploy an LDAP server

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) allows for the querying of a directory work implicit a network, making it utile for things similar authentication. Using an LDAP server, users tin log into their accounts from immoderate instrumentality connected your interior network. But LDAP tin bash much than conscionable authenticate desktops. You tin besides usage it to validate usernames and passwords via Docker, Jenkins, Kubernetes, OpenVPN and Samba.

This usher volition locomotion you done installing OpenLDAP connected Ubuntu Server 20.04, mounting up a absorption GUI and getting computers to authenticate to the server.

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How to deploy an exertion with Kubernetes

Kubernetes describes itself arsenic "a portable, extensible, open-source level for managing containerized workloads and services, that facilitates some declarative configuration and automation." As you mightiness guess, it takes superior admin expertise and developer skills to get the astir from the technology. However, the effect is an exertion susceptible of auto-scaling, preventing you from needing to manually proviso resources erstwhile your needs change.

In this resource, we'll locomotion you done the process of deploying the Kubernetes cluster. Then, we'll explicate however to deploy an app to the clump and connecting to that app from your LAN.

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How to usage Git connected Linux

Git is the astir fashionable mentation power system, loved by developers successful each industries and utilized for projects of each sizes. It tracks changes made to code, which makes it an invaluable instrumentality for developers who are collaborating connected projects. And luckily, Git was developed specifically for the Linux operating system.

While Linux and Git enactment seamlessly together, the installation and usage of the instrumentality tin beryllium a spot challenging for caller users. In this resource, you'll larn however to usage Git, from installation to pulling changes from the distant repository.

We'll screen however to make a section repository, however to adhd files, however to perpetrate and propulsion files, however to link Git to a Github distant repository and more. It's the lone usher you request to instrumentality afloat vantage of everything Git has to offer.

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