Hope and Disappointment for the Homeless in Oakland

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Wednesday: A stateless mates went from a structure to a trailer, but continues to hold aft much than a twelvemonth for thing much permanent.

July 14, 2021, 8:49 a.m. ET


Kymberli Wilson stands astatine  the entranceway  to the tent-home wherever  she and her hubby  lived past  year.
Credit...Jared R. Stapp

Good morning.

When Kymberli Wilson opens her eyes successful the morning, the show of a coagulated extortion inactive disorients her.

She and her husband, Lenton, unrecorded successful a 20-foot trailer astatine the Coliseum Stadium parking batch successful Oakland. Home utilized to beryllium a structure astatine the 77th Street stateless encampment, wherever they had to capable 2 jugs of h2o regular and dodge rats astatine night.

“It’s a large measurement up from the sidewalk,” Kymberli, 56, said. “No leaks, nary wind, and we’re ne'er cold.”

Kymberli and Lenton, 61, arrived astatine the city-run trailer tract past May. But they ne'er expected to stay. In a clip of accrued concern successful helping the homeless, the trailer was offered arsenic a pathway to imperishable housing. And this year, a existent location seemed wrong scope for the couple.

In January, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced $1.75 cardinal of caller concern successful housing, and successful March, President Biden’s American Rescue Act passed with $50 cardinal successful lodging and homelessness assistance.

But much than a twelvemonth aft arriving astatine a stadium parking batch that was meant to beryllium temporary, the Wilsons stay successful the trailer, and consciousness nary person to uncovering imperishable lodging and leaving beingness connected the streets behind.


Credit...Jared R. Stapp

The Wilsons are 2 of the astir 2,000 stateless seniors successful Alameda County. Some person gotten fortunate with semipermanent leases connected apartments, radical homes and edifice rooms. But the Wilsons’ odyssey done a twelvemonth of anticipation and disappointment points to a much persistent situation for the stateless colonisation that has evaded solutions, contempt a important injection of pandemic-relief money.

“I don’t interest astir a virus,” Kymberli Wilson said. “It volition beryllium mendacious anticipation that gets america successful the end.”

A small much than a twelvemonth ago, the Wilsons’ tent-home successful Oakland astatine the 77th Street stateless encampment had nary coagulated walls. At the extremity of a enactment of tents, nether the overpass of the Coliseum BART station, the operation was unmistakable: a sprawling patchwork of bluish tarp, grey nylon and reddish duct portion stretched implicit woody beams. Other stateless residents determination called it “the mansion.”

Outside, bikes, tract mowers and operation tools were sprawled everywhere. Inside, determination was a room table, a full-size furniture and a dresser afloat of clothes.

It was each that remained of the couple’s aged life. In 2014, some near their jobs astatine the adjacent Oakland Arena — she was a cashier, helium was a parking attendant — to attraction for her father. When her begetter died successful 2015, she and her hubby were evicted from her father’s house. They spent a twelvemonth successful a parking batch down a Church’s Chicken, past moved to the encampment.

They started a landscaping business, pulling their cogwheel connected a trailer down a mint greenish cruiser bicycle arsenic they rode crossed the metropolis to thin lawns and dreamed of redeeming capable to escape. Last year, arsenic Covid-19 swept crossed the state, the pandemic brought fearfulness and uncertainty but besides thing unexpected: opportunity.

One greeting past twelvemonth successful mid-April, the encampment person showed up astatine the Wilsons’ structure with news: Oakland was receiving 67 afloat furnished and state-financed trailers from the state’s Office of Emergency Services to location stateless radical during the pandemic. Because of their ages, the Wilsons were eligible.


Credit...Jared R. Stapp

A trailer meant moving h2o and electricity. It meant nary much trips crossed the BART tracks to capable five-gallon jugs with water. And nary much noisy generator consuming gallons of costly state each day. But the Wilsons were hesitant. The trailer was smaller than their tent, with little retention space. And determination was nary consciousness of however agelong they could enactment aft the pandemic.

“Our structure is each we have,” Kymberli said that nighttime successful April. “If we leave, we tin ne'er travel back.”

Then they heard from a erstwhile neighbour that Operation HomeBase, a caller metropolis programme to assistance Oakland’s oldest and astir susceptible stateless residents, wouldn’t conscionable supply a trailer, but would besides supply a lawsuit idiosyncratic to assistance them find imperishable housing. The mates talked it over, eating Panda Express connected the queen-size furniture successful the alleged mansion. And they decided to instrumentality the risk.

“We’re not getting immoderate younger,” Kymberli said astatine the time. “Every prime we marque is to get backmost inside.”

So connected May 28, the Wilsons loaded the possessions they could acceptable onto their motorcycle trailer — mowers, food, clothes, shoes — and traversed the overpass to a parking batch connected Hegenberger Road. They filled retired forms, received keys to Unit 46 and walked inside. What they saw stunned them: an unfastened interior, filled with airy from six windows. Gleaming brownish cabinets, an upholstered couch, a furniture and a room table. Air-conditioning, Wi-Fi and an indoor bathroom.

Outside, an awning unfolded with the propulsion of a button. And a assemblage gathering offered escaped on-site meals, laundry work and aesculapian enactment to each residents. As soon arsenic the Wilsons dropped disconnected their belongings, they took celebratory showers.

As the summertime faded into the fall, they adjusted. They stopped expecting the dependable of rats astatine night. They got utilized to utilizing the bath without going outside. Three times a day, they got successful enactment with the different residents and enjoyed a escaped repast — compliments of section restaurants. The Sunday brunch was their favorite: eggs, sausages, hash browns and Danishes. They began to summation weight.

But a promised lawsuit worker, who was expected to assistance them modulation to a home, ne'er materialized. In January, the Wilsons took matters into their ain hands. They applied for spots successful nationalist and backstage lodging programs. Time and again, they failed to triumph the lodging lottery. They are present connected 4 waiting lists.


Credit...Jared R. Stapp

Marichelle Alcantara, stateless programs manager for Operation HomeBase, said lone 1 lawsuit idiosyncratic served each 124 of the site’s residents for the archetypal twelvemonth of the operation. In May, the tract hired 3 much lawsuit workers. But the Wilsons, some steadfast and without dependents, person not reached the apical of the precedence list.

“Honestly, we expected radical to get with their ain lawsuit workers,” Alcantara said successful April. “We were overwhelmed by the request for support.”

In precocious April, the metropolis announced that Operation HomeBase would beryllium extended for different year. All residents tin proceed surviving astatine the Hegenberger Road tract until 2022.

But the Wilsons consciousness stuck.

They cannot determination forward, and they cannot spell backmost to the tent. Their aged “mansion” inactive sits nether the BART overpass, but it is present occupied. Everything the Wilsons near down determination has agelong since been claimed. Their erstwhile friends and neighbors person mostly scattered to state-sponsored edifice rooms nether Project Roomkey, different programme that started during the pandemic.

“We privation a location key. We privation to wage rent,” Kymberli said. “We ne'er thought we’d person to hold this long.”

Brett Simpson writes for the Investigative Reporting Program astatine the University of California, Berkeley, Graduate School of Journalism.


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Compiled by Steven Moity and Jaevon Williams

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