How to access folders and files shared with you from OneDrive

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Here are 2 ways to entree items shared with you via Microsoft OneDrive. We'll amusement you some ways.

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A co-worker oregon workfellow has shared folders and files with you from their Microsoft OneDrive storage. Now you person to find the champion mode to entree those shared items. One enactment is to spell to the unreality to your ain OneDrive online retention abstraction and prime the Shared folder. You tin past presumption and perchance edit the files online. As a 2nd and much convenient option, you tin entree those files locally from your machine oregon mobile instrumentality by adding the shared folder to your ain OneDrive storage. Let's cheque retired some options.

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How to entree shared OneDrive items online

After someone has shared folders oregon files with you from OneDrive, you should person an email notification showing the sanction of the folder oregon file. Click the Open fastener successful the email to spell straight to your ain online OneDrive retention oregon unfastened your OneDrive site separately and motion successful with your account.

Clicking the Open fastener takes you straight to the shared files. Opening the tract separately shows you each your OneDrive content. Click the determination for Shared, prime the sanction of the idiosyncratic sharing the files, and past unfastened the shared folder to spot each the files (Figure A).

Figure A


Click a record to unfastened it. If the papers oregon record is editable and the proprietor granted you editing permission, you tin present presumption and modify the record (Figure B).

Figure B


Return to the folder to spot each the shared files. Right-click connected a circumstantial shared file. The commands you spot successful the popup paper volition alteration based connected whether you tin lone presumption the record oregon besides edit it. Assuming you having editing rights, you tin unfastened the record successful its associated application, stock it yourself, download it, delete it, determination it, transcript it oregon rename it. Be aware, however, that immoderate enactment you execute affects the record for the proprietor arsenic good arsenic for yourself. So, if you delete the file, it's deleted for the proprietor (Figure C).

Figure C


How to entree shared OneDrive items connected your machine oregon mobile device

To much easy and conveniently entree shared folders and files, you tin adhd them to your ain OneDrive storage. From there, you tin retrieve them from immoderate machine oregon mobile instrumentality connected which you tally OneDrive. To bash this astatine your OneDrive online site, right-click the shared folder oregon files and prime Add to My OneDrive from the paper (Figure D).

Figure D


A connection asks for confirmation that you privation to adhd the folder oregon record to your OneDrive. Click Add Folder oregon Add File to confirm.

Next, unfastened File Explorer successful Windows and prime your OneDrive retention oregon unfastened the OneDrive app connected a mobile device. You should present spot the shared folder and files straight successful your OneDrive retention wherever you tin presumption and negociate each record (Figure E).

Figure E


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