How to enable live captions and transcriptions in Microsoft Teams

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Live captions and transcriptions tin amusement you the substance of a speech successful a Teams meeting. They tin assistance you support records oregon amended recognize what others are saying. Here's however to usage them.


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One of the problems with virtual meetings is that the audio whitethorn not ever beryllium up to par. Sometimes the dependable prime is poor, different times you whitethorn simply neglect to perceive what idiosyncratic other has said. Even if the audio is clear, you whitethorn privation to person substance of the gathering speech for reference. Whatever your reasons, you tin crook to unrecorded captions oregon transcriptions successful a Microsoft Teams meeting.

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Live captions and transcriptions are akin arsenic they some show the substance of a speech successful a Teams meeting. But they disagree successful however you tin entree them and however they work.

Live captions are disposable for idiosyncratic and concern Teams accounts, truthful anyone tin usage them. This diagnostic shows you the substance spoken by each idiosyncratic and the person's name, truthful it's adjuvant if you miss a connection oregon 2 that idiosyncratic other has said.

However, the surface shows lone 2 lines astatine a time, truthful you can't spot oregon reappraisal erstwhile captions successful the conversation. Plus, erstwhile the gathering has ended, the substance of the unrecorded captions goes distant arsenic well.

Transcriptions are disposable lone for concern Teams accounts, truthful you'll request the close benignant of Microsoft 365 oregon Office 365 subscription connected the backend. Transcriptions lone look with scheduled meetings, not with those started done the Meet Now option. Once enabled, immoderate subordinate tin opt to spot the transcript. Plus, you tin prevention and download the transcription, truthful you tin notation to it successful the future.

Here's however some options work.

How to usage unrecorded captions successful Microsoft Teams

After starting your Teams video meeting, click the ellipsis icon for More Actions astatine the apical of the surface and prime the enactment for Turn On Live Captions. Any subordinate successful the gathering tin crook connected unrecorded captions connected their extremity (Figure A).

Figure A


Now arsenic each subordinate speaks, their speech appears arsenic substance connected the surface (Figure B).

Figure B


You tin alteration the spoken connection successful the gathering if needed. Click the ellipsis icon astatine the close country of the captions model and prime Change Spoken Language. At the model for mounting the spoken language, take the caller connection and click Confirm (Figure C).

Figure C


To halt the captions, click the More Actions icon again and prime Turn Off Live Captions.

How to usage transcriptions successful Microsoft Teams

Before you tin usage transcriptions successful a Teams meeting, you oregon an head indispensable alteration them done your Microsoft 365 oregon Office 365 medication console. To bash this, unfastened and motion into your Microsoft Teams admin center. On the near pane, prime Meetings and past Meeting policies. Assuming you privation to alteration transcriptions for everyone successful your organization, prime the argumentation for Global (org-wide default). At the settings screen, look for the conception for Recording & Transcription, crook connected the power for transcription, and past click Save astatine the bottom. Keep successful caput that it whitethorn instrumentality respective hours oregon longer for the argumentation alteration to propagate passim your enactment (Figure D).

Figure D


Schedule and past commencement a meeting. Click the ellipsis icon for More Actions astatine the apical of the surface and prime the enactment for Start Transcription. Any subordinate successful the gathering tin commencement a transcription arsenic agelong arsenic they person support via the gathering argumentation (Figure E).

Figure E


A pane opens connected the close broadside of the surface to show the transcript of the conversation. Each talker is highlighted by their sanction followed by the substance of their conversation. Since the substance appears successful a vertical pane, you tin spot much of it arsenic the speech progresses (Figure F).

Figure F


You tin scroll up successful the pane to presumption immoderate erstwhile substance successful the transcript (Figure G).

Figure G


Any subordinate tin spot the unrecorded transcript. To bash this, click the ellipsis icon and prime Show Transcript. To fell the transcript, click the icon and prime Hide Transcript (Figure H).

Figure H


To extremity the unrecorded transcription, click the icon and prime Stop Transcription. After you extremity the meeting, you tin entree the transcript. To bash this, spell to Calendar presumption successful Teams, click the gathering event, and past prime the Edit button. At the apical of the surface for that meeting, prime Recordings & Transcripts. If you don't spot the enactment for Recordings & Transcripts, grow the width of the model oregon prime the down arrow adjacent to More (Figure I).

Figure I


The transcript appears. To prevention it, click the Download button. Choose whether to prevention the transcript arsenic a Word papers (DOCX) oregon arsenic a Web Video Text Tracks (VTT) file. You tin unfastened the Word papers successful Microsoft Word and the VTT record successful immoderate substance exertion (Figure J).

Figure J


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