How to inspect your Word documents for readability and compatibility

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You tin cheque a Word papers for circumstantial issues earlier you stock it with different people. Here's how.


You've conscionable created a Microsoft Word papers that you program to stock with different people. But earlier you do, you privation to marque definite it's suitable for sharing. That means it doesn't incorporate immoderate hidden idiosyncratic information, that it volition beryllium readable by radical with definite disabilities, and that it's compatible with older versions of Word. You tin execute each those tasks with the built-in papers inspector.

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In 1 signifier oregon another, the papers inspector has been disposable successful Word since 2010, truthful you'll beryllium capable to usage it successful immoderate existing and supported mentation but the escaped online edition. The steps are the aforesaid for each the latest versions. Here's however it works.

How to inspect your Microsoft Word document

As the archetypal step, you whitethorn privation to hunt for hidden oregon invisible contented that you don't privation different radical to beryllium capable to view. With your papers completed and saved, click the File menu, prime Info, and past click the fastener for Check for Issues. From there, click the archetypal enactment for Inspect Document (Figure A).

Figure A


At the Document Inspector window, cheque oregon uncheck the antithetic types of contents based connected what you'd similar the instrumentality to find. Then click the Inspect fastener (Figure B).

Figure B


The inspection flags immoderate of the contented types it discovered successful your document. To region a circumstantial benignant of content, click the Remove All fastener adjacent to it (Figure C).

Figure C


The inspector can't region each types of content. In that event, the instrumentality tells you what it can't remove. Close the inspector and instrumentality to the papers if you privation to reappraisal oregon region the specified contented yourself oregon permission it arsenic is (Figure D).

Figure D


How to cheque accessibility successful a Word document

Next, you tin cheque your papers to marque definite it's readable by your intended audience, particularly by idiosyncratic who has a definite disability, for example, a idiosyncratic who is unsighted and uses a surface reader. Again, click the File menu, prime Info, and past click the fastener for Check for issues. Click the 2nd enactment for Check Accessibility (Figure E).

Figure E


The inspection flags immoderate accessibility issues, specified arsenic an representation that doesn't incorporate a description. Click the circumstantial issue, and the instrumentality explains wherefore the contented was flagged and suggests a recommended enactment (Figure F).

Figure F


How to cheque compatibility successful Word

Finally, you tin analyse your papers to marque definite it tin beryllium viewed and edited successful the past respective versions of Microsoft Word. Return to the Info screen, click the fastener for Check for issues, and prime the 3rd enactment for Check Compatibility (Figure G).

Figure G


The Microsoft Word Compatibility Checker displays immoderate contented oregon features successful the papers that would beryllium problematic successful an older mentation of Word. Click the fastener for Select Versions, and you tin uncheck antithetic past versions of Word to spot which circumstantial mentation would beryllium affected (Figure H).

Figure H


You tin past alteration oregon region the affected diagnostic if you cognize 1 of the recipients of the papers has the older mentation of Word. When done, prevention the document, and you present tin stock it with your intended audience.

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