How to spell page numbers instead of using digits in a page-numbering scheme in Microsoft Word

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Page numbers are casual to adhd to a Word document. If you privation to spell retired those numbers alternatively of displaying digits, you request lone a tract switch.

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Any Microsoft Word papers implicit a mates of pages usually has a leafage number, successful the header oregon footer. By inserting 1 of Word's page-numbering fields, these numbers are dynamic—updating arsenic you insert and delete pages. The resulting leafage numbers are digits, but what if you privation to spell retired those numbers? Fortunately, doing truthful isn't arsenic hard arsenic you mightiness think. In this article, I'll amusement you however to crook leafage fig digits into their corresponding words.

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I'm utilizing Microsoft 365 connected a Windows 10 64-bit system, but you tin usage earlier versions. You tin make your ain Word papers oregon download the objection .docx and .doc files. Word Online doesn't enactment fields. This nonfiction assumes you cognize astir fields, but if not, don't worry. You should beryllium capable to travel the instructions to success.

About fields successful Microsoft Word

If you're acquainted with Word fields, you're a measurement ahead. If not, they're not hard to use, but the process mightiness consciousness a spot unusual astatine first. Fields are small programs that implicit a circumstantial task, akin to a macro, but you don't request to constitute immoderate code. Everything the tract needs to bash its occupation is already there.

You usage fields astir each clip you usage Word, but you conscionable don't recognize it. For instance, erstwhile you usage the interface to show a leafage fig successful the header oregon footer, you're utilizing a field! If you'd similar to spot that astatine work, unfastened a caller papers and participate a leafage fig successful the header. Then, prime the leafage fig and property Alt + F9. Word converts the leafage fig to its underlying { PAGE } field. In this mode, you tin modify the field. Press Alt + F9, which acts arsenic a toggle, to spot the leafage number.

You tin participate fields via the interface, but I deliberation the easiest mode is to benignant the field's substance and immoderate switches, and past person that substance into a tract by selecting the substance and pressing Ctrl + F9. To larn much astir fields, work 3 ways to participate fields successful Microsoft Word.

We'll beryllium moving with the pursuing fields:

  • { Page }—Returns the existent leafage number.
  • { NUMPAGES }—Returns the full fig of pages.

How to usage page-numbering fields successful Microsoft Word

As mentioned, the page-numbering fields show digits. Let's instrumentality a speedy look astatine the tract look that returns the pursuing numbering format: "Page x of y," wherever x is the existent leafage and y is the full fig of pages.

First, unfastened a blank papers and adhd a fewer pages (I'll adhd four). Open the header by double-clicking successful the achromatic abstraction supra the apical margin. You tin besides usage the footer, but we'll instrumentality with the header. Then, bash the following:

  1. Enter Page and travel with a space.
  2. Enter PAGE (Page PAGE). Yes, you're entering the aforesaid connection again, but we'll person this lawsuit to a field. Word doesn't attraction astir the lawsuit erstwhile entering fields, but successful general, you volition spot the tract codification successful each uppercase and switches successful due case. This is lone a line and not strictly necessary. (We'll speech astir switches successful a moment.) 
  3. Select PAGE (the 2nd occurrence) and property Ctrl + F9. Doing truthful volition person PAGE into a field, { PAGE }.
  4. Enter different abstraction followed by of and different space. 
  5. Ener NUMPAGES. Then, prime NUMPAGES and property Ctrl + F9 to person it into the field, { NUMPAGES }, arsenic shown successful Figure A. Right now, you spot the existent fields.
  6. Press Alt + F9 to show the resulting leafage numbers alternatively of the tract codes.

Figure A


  Add some fields to the header.    

As you tin see, the { PAGE } tract displays digits for the existent leafage number, and { NUMPAGES } displays the full fig of pages successful the document. When you privation to spell retired the numbers, you tin adhd a switch.

How to spell numbers with a power successful Microsoft Word

In the discourse of fields, a power provides further information, usually formatting, and is preceded by the \ character. Adding a power is simple. 

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If you closed the header earlier, unfastened it now. Press Alt + F9 to show the underlying tract codes and participate the pursuing switch, \*Cardtext, arsenic shown successful Figure B. This power displays substance alternatively of digits. Press Alt + F9 again to amusement the aforesaid leafage numbers, but alternatively of digits, the fields usage text: one, two, three, 4 and truthful on. This operation of regular substance and fields creates a utile page-numbering scheme.

Figure B


   Add the \* Cardtext power to some fields.

As is, the textual numbers usage lowercase. What tin you bash to usage due case?

How to usage due lawsuit with a switch

By default, the substance numbers, one, two, and truthful on, are each lowercase. To unit due case, adhd the \*Caps power to the fields, arsenic shown successful Figure C. Open the header, property Alt + F9 to show the tract codes, adhd the \*Caps switch, and property Alt + F9 to show the results.

Figure C


Add a 2nd power to usage due case. 

Stay tuned

You tin usage the aforesaid switches with conception leafage numbering fields, { SECTION } and { SECTIONPAGES}. In a aboriginal article, I'll amusement you how. 

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