How to use Google Translate to translate your Microsoft Office documents

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Google's online translator tin measurement successful to construe your Office documents for free. Now you tin work documents from each implicit the satellite with the click of a button.

Illustration of Google Doc successful  center, with arrows constituent   retired  toward the connection     "Words" translated into immoderate   of the astir   wide    spoken languages connected  Earth

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Google Translate is disposable arsenic a website, a mobile app and a diagnostic built into Google Docs. But you tin besides usage the online mentation to construe outer documents saved connected your computer. The Google Translate webpage supports Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations. After choosing the root and people languages, you constituent to the record you privation translated, and Google takes attraction of the rest. Let's spot however this works.

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Open the Google Translate webpage in your browser. Click connected the existent root and people languages if you request to alteration them. Click the down arrow to entree the afloat enactment of languages. You tin besides acceptable the root connection to automatically beryllium detected, but you whitethorn get much close results by specifying the connection (Figure A).

Figure A


Next, you tin simply transcript and paste the substance you privation translated into the model for the root language. But the thought present is to construe an full document. Click the Documents fastener and past prime the enactment for Browse Your Computer. You tin take from a assortment of Microsoft Office record types, including .doc, .docx, .odf, .pdf, .ppt, .pptx, .ps, .rtf, .txt, .xls and .xlsx (Figure B).

Figure B


Select the papers you privation translated. Let's effort a Word papers successful this case. Then click the Translate fastener (Figure C).

Figure C


The translated mentation appears connected the website. To comparison the translation with the archetypal text, hover your rodent implicit each paragraph. A tiny model pops up showing the substance successful the root connection (Figure D).

Figure D


If you're acquainted with the people connection and consciousness the translation contains immoderate errors, click the nexus for Contribute a Better Translation. You tin past hole immoderate words successful the translation that are inaccurate (Figure E).

Figure E


To construe different file, click the backmost arrow to instrumentality to the Google Translate site. Click the fastener for Browse Your Computer to prime a antithetic file, possibly an Excel spreadsheet. Then click the Translate button. The translated spreadsheet appears. Again, hover implicit immoderate translated paragraph to spot the archetypal substance (Figure F).

Figure F


Finally, effort translating a PowerPoint presentation. Open the record successful the Google Translate tract and click the Translate button. The substance from the record appears successful the translated language. Hover implicit a translated conception to comparison it with the root connection (Figure G).

Figure G


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