How to use the whiteboard in Microsoft Teams

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The whiteboard allows you to exemplify ideas and concepts done drawings, symbols, templates and different content. Here's however to usage it effectively.


The whiteboard successful Microsoft Teams is simply a convenient mode to make and stock text, drawings, symbols and different types of objects to convey circumstantial messages. You tin gully with antithetic size and colour pens and pencils, usage a yellowish highlighter, adhd text, gully arrows and different symbols, and insert predefined templates for circumstantial tasks. Here's however it works.

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After you've started your unrecorded meeting, click the Share Content icon successful the precocious close and prime Microsoft Whiteboard from the stock contented pane (Figure A).

Figure A


The whiteboard past sets up its assorted tools and launches with a toolbox connected the near and drafting tools astatine the apical (Figure B).

Figure B


To commencement drafting an entity freehand, prime 1 of the 3 pens among the drafting tools. A model pops up wherever you tin alteration the thickness and colour of the pen arsenic good arsenic adhd a azygous arrow oregon a treble arrow (Figure C).

Figure C


Beyond creating objects with the 3 drafting pens, you tin usage the highlighter instrumentality to colour an country with item successful yellowish oregon different color. You tin besides erase each enactment you gully by clicking connected it with the eraser instrumentality (Figure D).

Figure D


The toolbox connected the near provides antithetic items to adhd to the whiteboard. The Notes instrumentality lets you adhd a enactment with text. With the Text tool, you tin constitute and insert substance anyplace connected the whiteboard. The Shapes instrumentality helps you gully circles, squares and different shapes. The Reactions instrumentality lets you adhd a checkmark, a question people and different objects.

With the Images tool, you tin insert an representation from your computer. The Templates instrumentality offers an array of predefined templates for designing, brainstorming, strategizing, readying and learning. And utilizing the Documents tool, you tin upload 1 oregon much pages of a PDF oregon PowerPoint record to your whiteboard. Undo and redo tools are accessible from the toolbar if you request to hole a mistake (Figure E).

Figure E


You tin determination and presumption each point you've added to the whiteboard by dragging it astir the screen. To determination conscionable definite items, usage the lasso instrumentality to prime them and past resistance them to a caller spot. To resize a resizable item, resistance a grip astatine immoderate of its 4 corners. Click connected immoderate item, and you tin transcript it, delete it, oregon edit its alt text. Click connected immoderate point with colour and you tin alteration that color. Click connected an point and prime the ellipsis icon for More, and you tin opt to nonstop the point to the beforehand oregon backmost to spot it successful beforehand of oregon down different entity successful the aforesaid determination (Figure F).

Figure F


To much easy presumption and enactment with the whiteboard, you tin zoom successful and retired and determination it astir the screen. To zoom successful and out, usage the scroll instrumentality connected your rodent oregon 2 fingers connected a trackpad. To determination the whiteboard around, resistance immoderate bare surrounding country (Figure G).

Figure G


Finally, you tin power respective aspects of the whiteboard for you and different participants. Click the cogwheel icon successful the precocious right. To prevention the whiteboard, take the enactment for Export representation (PNG). The record is saved to your default Downloads folder. The enactment for Enhance inked shapes automatically removes immoderate unsmooth edges to a enactment oregon different object. The enactment for Other Participants Can Edit lets different radical modify your whiteboard. And the enactment for Format inheritance lets you make a whiteboard inheritance with a antithetic colour and grid (Figure H).

Figure H


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