Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Begging Twitter To Reinstate Her Account

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In 24 hours, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has gone from calling Twitter a menace to America to demanding that her relationship beryllium reinstated.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Begs Twitter To Unsuspend Her

In a station connected GETTR, Greene said, “Twitter forgot astir the 2 times they accidentally suspended my relationship this past year. That means I’ve lone had 3 strikes successful their 5 onslaught system. Twitter has to reinstate my relationship immediately.”

Greene is inactive ranting that Twitter is finished portion astatine the aforesaid clip begging to beryllium allowed backmost connected the platform.

Greene went from calling Twitter a menace to America and sounding defiant to realizing that without Twitter, she is stuck successful a acheronian country of the net talking to herself and a fewer others of her ilk.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, and different right-wing celebrities are successful the House not to govern but to get attraction and marque money. Greene rapidly discovered that without Twitter, nary 1 is paying attraction to her mini-Trump efforts to disagreement America and dispersed her anti-democracy jihad.

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