Networks Urged To Not Cover Trump’s 1/6 Press Conference

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There is nary crushed for quality networks to screen Donald Trump’s 1/6 property conference, and they should not televise it.

Trump Is Pulling His Press Conference Con On 1/6

Donald Trump spent 4 years successful the White House pulling the fake quality league instrumentality connected the press.

The con ever followed the aforesaid pattern. Trump would denote a “press conference,” the mainstream media would hype it each day. The property would nonstop reporters to the event. Trump would yet amusement up, ramble connected for 20 minutes oregon more, past locomotion disconnected of the signifier without taking a azygous question. 

There is nary crushed to judge that Trump’s 1/6 “press conference” volition beryllium immoderate different.

The Media Must Provide Trump No Live Coverage

Trump won the presidency based connected escaped media sum successful 2016, and helium is looking to replicate that grift for 2024.

Donald Trump is astir definite to repetition his lies astir the 2020 predetermination being stolen and the 1/6 onslaught connected the Capitol. Anyone who covers Trump unrecorded without debunking his lies successful real-time volition beryllium helping the erstwhile president onslaught democracy.

Angelo Carusone, President of Media Matters for America, said successful a connection provided to PoliticusUSA, “Donald Trump’s January 6 property lawsuit should beryllium recognized for what it is: an accidental for Trump to prevarication to downplay the convulsive insurrection astatine the U.S. Capitol and acceptable up his 2024 statesmanlike campaign. It is captious that quality networks bash the close happening — garbage to transportation it live, truthful they bash not uncritically beforehand the lies and disinformation that is generated from Trump’s code successful existent time.”

The Media Must Debunk Trump, Not Give Him An Unregulated Platform

Ignoring Trump lone helps him to dispersed his authoritarian connection and turn stronger. Instead, the property indispensable halt Trump’s lies dormant successful their tracks unrecorded earlier they tin instrumentality root.

Too often, the firm media has chosen the lazy mode retired and provided Trump an unfettered level to dispersed his lies.

Trump deserves nary unrecorded sum connected 1/6, and anyone who gives him an unchecked level is assisting an onslaught connected America.

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