TasksBoard is the kanban interface for Google Tasks you've been waiting for

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Google Tasks has ne'er had a coagulated interface … until now. Jack Wallen shows you however to crook Tasks into a kanban board-like workflow with the assistance of TasksBoard.


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I bash similar a bully kanban board. With the quality to laic retired tasks successful specified a way, those tasks go easier to visualize and manage. Now, what if you could mates a kanban committee with Google Tasks? Wouldn't that beryllium outstanding? And fixed that Google has yet to merchandise an authoritative kanban solution (why this has escaped them boggles the mind), you mightiness beryllium wondering if it's adjacent imaginable to merge those 2 things.

It is. And it's fantastic.

The solution is called TasksBoard and it turns your Google Tasks into a kanban-like UI, which makes them truthful overmuch easier to negociate and enactment with.

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TasksBoard turns your Google Tasks into lists and past adds your tasks to those lists arsenic cards. Out of the box, TasksBoard converted my existent tasks into lists titled My Tasks, Default List, TR, Linux.com, Shopping, Cover Design, Ask Jack, Books and Article Tops. Some of those lists were derived from outdated tasks, but I was beauteous impressed with the default set. And those that are nary longer needed tin beryllium deleted oregon renamed. 

TasksBoard includes features similar lists, cards, collaboration (requires premium plan), export to Google Sheets, unlimited lists and cards, precedence labels and highlights (requires premium plan), customized backgrounds (requires premium plan), aggregate boards (requires premium plan) and 24/7 enactment (requires premium plan). The work tin beryllium utilized for free, oregon you tin acquisition 1 of 3 premium licenses:

  • Monthly — $5.99/month
  • Yearly — $39.99/year
  • Enterprise — $99.99/year for 5 users and adds precedence support

It took maine nary clip to delete the unwanted lists, rename the imported lists, and make caller lists to person a kanban solution that is perfectly suited for my workflow.

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How to get started with TasksBoard

It's incredibly elemental to commencement moving with TasksBoard. To bash so, unfastened your default web browser, marque definite you're signed successful to your Google relationship and spell to https://tasksboard.com. You volition beryllium asked to motion successful with Google. Make definite to prime the close Google relationship (if you person much than one) and past springiness TasksBoard support to entree Google Tasks. 

Once you've done this, you'll find yourself connected the main TasksBoard model (after TasksBoard has generated a database from your existent tasks). You tin easy rename immoderate of those generated lists by clicking the associated paper fastener and selecting Rename List (Figure A).

Figure A


Renaming 1 of the lists TasksBoard generated from my existing tasks

After getting each of your lists successful order, you tin commencement adding cards (tasks) to them by clicking Add A Task (Figure B) successful the database you privation to enactment with.

Figure B


Adding a caller task to a database is precise simple.

At this point, TasksBoard is incredibly intuitive — truthful overmuch truthful that anyone tin beryllium up to velocity connected its usage successful seconds. 

How to "install" the desktop app

TasksBoard claims to besides person a desktop application. It doesn't … not really. If you usage either the Chrome oregon Edge web browser you tin make an app model for TasksBoard by clicking the paper fastener and past clicking Install TasksBoard (Chrome) oregon Apps | Install Tasks Board (Edge — Figure C).

Figure C


Installing the TasksBoard "app" with the Edge browser

Once you've installed the TasksBoard app, it'll unfastened successful a Chrome (or Edge) app window. You should besides past beryllium capable to find the TasksBoard app successful your desktop menu.

There's truly not overmuch much to accidental astir TasksBoard, different than it's a acold amended mode to enactment with Google Tasks than what Google offers. If you similar kanban boards, and you usage Google Tasks, this is the cleanable matrimony of the two.

Give TasksBoard a effort and spot if it doesn't upwind up your go-to method of moving with Google Tasks.

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