Three separate shipwrecks leave dozens dead and more missing 

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At slightest 31 radical mislaid their lives successful 3 abstracted shipwrecks implicit the people of 4 days past week successful the Aegean Sea, and an chartless fig are inactive missing, the UN exile bureau (UNHCRsaid on Tuesday.  

According to the UN agency, betwixt 21 and 24 December much than 160 radical were rescued by Greece’s Hellenic Coast Guard – with enactment from the navy and aerial force, arsenic good arsenic merchant and backstage vessels.  

Commending those efforts, Maria-Clara Martin, UNHCR’s typical successful Greece, said “it is heart-rending that, retired of despair and successful the lack of harmless pathways, refugees and migrants consciousness compelled to entrust their lives to ruthless smuggler”. 

The proliferation of caller crises successful 2021, and the deficiency of solutions to resoluteness lingering ones, has tested our quality to respond similar ne'er before. Conflicts drove a devastating emergence successful the fig of radical forced to flee.#YearInReview successful pictures 📸👇

— UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency (@Refugees) December 28, 2021

“More resolute enactment is needed to curb radical smuggling and halt those who exploit quality misery and despair. It is disheartening to spot preventable tragedies similar these repeating themselves. We should not get utilized to seeing bodies being recovered from the sea”, she added.  

Series of accidents  

The archetypal shipwreck took spot off Folegandros island connected 21 December, with 13 radical rescued and three male bodies recovered. 

One subsister told the Hellenic Coast Guard that arsenic galore arsenic 50 radical whitethorn person been onboard the vessel that carried them without immoderate information equipment. 

The 2nd shipwreck, northbound of Antikythera island, resulted successful the nonaccomplishment of 11 lives, portion 88 radical were rescued. 

And on Christmas Eve, a vessel carrying astatine slightest 80 passengers capsized disconnected the land of Paros, claiming the lives of 17 people, including a baby. 

Sixty-three survivors were rescued and brought to Paros, wherever section authorities and land residents rushed to assistance them with blankets, nutrient and clothes. 

UNHCR estimates that from January until the extremity of November this year, much than 2,500 people person died oregon gone missing astatine oversea successful their effort to scope Europe, done the Mediterranean and the northwestern African maritime route. 

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