Twitter Shows More Guts Than Kevin McCarthy In Taking Action On Marjorie Taylor Greene

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By booting Marjorie Taylor Greene disconnected of her idiosyncratic account, Twitter did what Kevin McCarthy has been terrified to do.

Twitter permanently suspended Greene for repeated violations of their argumentation against spreading coronavirus misinformation connected Sunday.

Rep. Greene responded by declaring Twitter an force of America.

Marjorie Taylor Greene has mocked Minority Leader McCarthy and adjacent gone truthful acold arsenic to suggest that he does not person the votes to go Speaker if Republicans instrumentality backmost the House successful the midterm election.

Twitter did much to subject Greene and halt her dispersed of unsafe misinformation than Kevin McCarthy has done successful an full year.

Leader McCarthy has proven himself to beryllium anemic and incompetent. He could not support his Republican caucus unneurotic connected cardinal votes passim 2021.

Speaker Pelosi handles the slim Democratic bulk with accomplishment and expertise. There is nary mode that Democrats should person averaged 1 large portion of authorities a instrumentality a period with a bulk of conscionable a fewer seats, but Pelosi did it.

Twitter showed much backbone than Kevin McCarthy ever has, and the opposition betwixt the 2 reveals that adjacent if Republicans triumph backmost the House, Kevin McCarthy has positioned himself to beryllium a failed Speaker of the House earlier helium takes the gavel.

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